Are you a Man or woman in Mid-Life who:

  • Is in the process of reassessing your life after a major event such as a divorce or serious illness?
  • Or recovering from yet another ‘failed’ relationship, leaving you ‘heart hurt’?
  • As a woman, are you tired of feeling you have to ‘interview’ every man you go out with to check how sincere they are?¬
  • As a man, are you tired of women who seem to take advantage of you, especially financially?
  • As a woman, are you fed up with men who ‘ghost’ on you – those guys who never contact you for a second date, or simply disappear out of your life?
  • Are you looking for a caring person you are attracted to, who you can have fun with and share mutual interests?
  • Would you love to rely on a man and receive support from him (without feeling dependent?

Hi!  I’m Beverley and I’m a Dating Preparation Coach, and known for helping men and women in mid life to attract a quality man or woman without necessarily needing to go onto dating sites or frequent bars.  I do this by enabling you to reconnect with your strong, inner masculine essence, or radiant,  feminine and sensual presence to develop more delicious, intimate relationships.

I show you how to love and accept yourself (warts and all) so you can move on from past hurts, and open your heart to more love, (For a woman, this can even include opening her body which may have closed down over time.  For a man, this can include learning ‘womanspeak’ for better communication, especially in the bedroom).

My approach,  based on my own journey and combined with a number of years of experience working with women, will help you as a woman to step into you own feminine, magnetic, attractive power . As a man,  I can assist you in learning the hints and tips on how to connect with and remain in your strong masculine presence and step up to support her as her ‘rock’,  so she can dance around you in all her beautiful (and sometimes messy) feminine energy! 

I’m a firm believer that life and dating doesn’t end simply because we may have reached ‘half time’ in life.  This can be the pause which allows us to reflect on what we have experienced in the past, and to discover where we may want to make that change in our lives, whether large or small – which can include searching for or attracting that man or woman who is ‘the one’ to lovingly support us into a somewhat rosier future!  We can all have fun, fulfilling, intimate relationships – emotionally and sensually – without losing ourselves in the process!

My work in this area started in 2010 after being widowed from a 30-year marriage. After surrendering to my grief journey, I emerged in 2011, ready to ‘find something that would bring me joy and make a positive difference in the world’.

This resulted in a surprising, completely out of the blue sensual awakening of my heart and body from my conservative religious upbringing, and propelled me to undertake training so I could work with women seeking more love and fulfilment in their own lives.  For the past 7 years I have been teaching the embodiment practices of the Art of Feminine Presence to women in Brisbane and on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.  At the age of 73 I enjoyed a beautiful Boudoir Photography Session, and was featured in the ‘Life Begins At’ Magazine for the over 50’s (Aug 2018)

I have also developed a process called The Attractor Factor’ to enable a woman to understand her own past so she can move on, reconnect with her own sensual body in the present, and assess her values and the type of man she can now focus on attracting for her future.

In addition my process for men “Man Up” enables a man to assess his own values, and those of the type of woman he is seeking.

I love showing women that age is no barrier to happiness, and I have ‘walked my talk’ by happily re-entering the dating scene myself in my 70’s! For this reason I was asked by the SBS Insight Program to be on the panel as a guest for the “Dating After 60” Episode which can be seen on SBS on Demand.

Other interesting facts about me

Prior to my current work with women I was a youth and welfare worker, an executive assistant with both the private sector and at QUT, and founder of a non-profit organisation The Eagle St John Foundation, which supported care workers.  In 1988 I and my late husband received the Advance Australia Foundation Award for outstanding Community Service for our non-profit.

In other fun facts I was also the oldest contestant in the first Reality TV show in Australia in 2001, called ‘The Mole’!

I now enjoy walking on my local beach, pottering in the garden, having coffee with girlfriends, playing my piano – and after my training with the Speakers Institute – being a Speaker!

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