For those men and women who are genuinely seeking to change their lives


The first 3 weeks will be separate sessions for men and for women, with the final session together, covering:


  • Invoking Aphrodite– Aligning power and vulnerability to attract our soulmate
  • Understanding Athena – how we learned to believe if we achieved enough, we’d be loved for what we DO, rather than for who we ARE – so busyness became the norm – but men cannot rest in this.
  • What is Magnetic Feminine Energy, Essence and Presence? How can we relax into this?
  • How do we reconnect with our own feminine heart and sensual body? (Includes embodiment practices)
  • How do we understand our shadow side – and move beyond plotting, scheming, manipulating?
  • How do we understand and respect men, (the noble hero), their logical minds, ‘manspeak’ and how to communicate with them?
  • How can we feel more confident and relaxed in our own bodies?


  • What is Masculine Power, Essence and Presence?
  • How do you connect with this? Man as the ‘noble hero’
  • Men and the power of their purpose
  • How to understand women – and their feelings
  • How do we understand ‘womanspeak’ and how to communicate with them?
  • How do we know what women want from us?
  • How do we become a skilled lover as the masculine with the feminine?
  • How to be more confident and able to initiate dating with women

Men and Women:

  • Preparation to date
  • How and where can you attract or seek out your soulmate?
  • Be confident about polarity, and where you see yourself on the Polarity Continuum, so who you are therefore like to attract?
  • Q and A to clarify any issues?
  • How to have more personal issues sorted with me


  • A 4 week course, commencing Monday 25th March – Monday 15th April, 7pm – 8pm AEST.
  • Recording of each session available for you to listen to the next day
  • A workbook for you to use for your notes and reflective questions
  • And yes, some reflective questions during the week prior to the next session (highly recommended) so you will achieve more from this course!


This extraordinary course is only available at this price because this is the first – and I will be asking you for feedback and testimony, if you feel this has been valuable!

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