Embracing Significant Change


There are some huge changes happening at the Feminine Guru!  I want to reveal WhatHow – but especially Why!

WHAT:  I have now rebranded as a ‘Dating Preparation Coach’ for both MEN as well as WOMEN in midlife who are reassessing their lives at this half-way point. This could be prompted by challenges such as divorce, illness, financial stress, changing jobs, or recovering from another failed relationships which has left them shattered, or doubting themselves.

This is the time when many yearn for that ‘Soulmate’ connection, that special relationship that may have eluded them in years past.  Some have gone down the path of online dating – but many find this experience either confusing, or seemingly a waste of time or money.  Many just long for a sense of hope that it IS possible – that maybe there really IS someone out there searching for them, too!

HOW:  I believe implicitly that each of us has the capacity for reflection, insight and empowerment to positively change our situation!  The tagline for my business is ‘Reconnect with Yourself’ – because this is the starting point for change in your outward circumstances! And why?  Because what happens outside of you reflects or mirrors what’s happening within you, and the way you are responding to what’s happening outside of you!  Yes it’s subtle, but once you really understand this, you can positively affect your life, despite your circumstances.

I have therefore implemented services which will help women to Attract their Soulmate, using my ‘Attractor Factor’ process, and for men to have the confidence to seek out and find the woman who’s right for them, through my ‘Man Up’ process!  Other services include Free Masterclasses, and a forthcoming Online Course for both men and women: Attract Extraordinary Lifelong Love. In addition I use a beautiful set of Oracle Cards called ‘Sensual Seed’ to enable women to embrace their own intuition.

I have worked with women for the past 7 years to help them to become ‘more feminine and sensual’. So What’s behind this change? Just why have I moved into ‘embracing men’? 😊

  • Because for a number of years women have said to me – I wish my partner could learn about this.
  • And I’ve also seen angst in the lives of some men who have shared that they find women a bit scary to approach with all our skillsets, businesses, professions etc! A woman seems to be able to live her life completely independently of a man, so the men don’t quite know where they can fit in to her life?
  • AND I’ve witnessed women burning themselves out with their Go Go Go push – when really their hearts are crying out to rest in the arms of a man who understands the masculine role to be still, to listen, to be her ‘rock’ and to allow her to be herself in all her energetic messiness at times!
  • PLUS I’ve seen so many relationships fall apart, affecting children – which in time will affect their relationships with partners they choose.

Having come through from early feminism, which suppressed and denigrated the feminine as weak, to resurrecting and reconnecting with my own feminine heart and sensual body, I understand how difficult it is for relationships to blossom…

  • I don’t care how much a woman is a ‘boss babe’ by day – at night she longs to be loved and supported, but needs to know just HOW she can tap into that ‘goddess energy’ at night with her man. And he needs to understand how to approach, support and love her sexually as an informed lover…. Not just one who is only interested in ‘getting it up, getting it off and getting it over’…
  • I speak frankly because both men and women are hurting and have been wounded, and I long for healing and love to blossom once again for them so they can enjoy what I’ve termed ‘delicious relationships’.
  • THAT my friends is why I’m moving towards helping men and women to understand ‘sexual polarity’, what happens when a man can reconnect with his masculine power, presence and essence, and a woman can tune in to her feminine energy, presence and essence, to enable the sparks to fly and sexual attractiveness to increase significantly! And once a couple understand these principles, this can help to fuel the flame of their passion – so they don’t just ‘fall out of love’! This in turn can make a huge difference in their health and happiness!  Viva la difference! 😊

And so I invite you to reflect on this and leave your authentic comments.

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