2020 is bringing many changes – and what better time than the beginning of a new Decade?

I traveled to Bali in Oct 2019 to undertake training on how to go global in 2020 – however I was not prepared for the way the Universe showed me how!

I had intended to develop a Designer Signature Course until at the beginning of the 2nd week I blacked out, fell heavily (with no recollection of what happened) and fractured my hip – and so changed my world in an instant, as I had to learn something as basic as walking again!

10 days in a Bali hospital receiving a new titanium hip, followed by 2 weeks in a Rehab hospital in Australia gave me the time to sit in that uncomfortable place of ‘not knowing’ for long enough to journal, meditate and receive the answers I needed ….


  • 2020: I intend completing and publishing 4 books which all reflect on my work, which have been started but never finished! ,
  • How to be a ‘Merry’ Widow on the journey through my Cocoon of Grief and beyond, to become the proverbial Butterfly
  • The Brilliance of Resilience – which I needed to draw on during my time hospitalized, in pain, and in a foreign country
  • A book about my work with women over these last 5 years of the ‘feminine and sensual’, and why it is so life-changing for a woman to reawaken her own feminine essence and energy!
  • And a small book which can be gifted to a family member or colleague for birthdays, Christmas, or simply as a ‘thank you for being in my life’, which will be a collection of the poems I’ve written over the last 20 years, entitled ‘The Grateful Musings of the Poet Lorrikeet’! 😊
  • Once these books are completed and published, I will be opening myself to Speaking opportunities which will put me in front of possibly many more women whose lives I may otherwise not have touched…
  • 2021: With these books and speaking experiences behind me, I will be able to reflect and reassess ‘where to from here’?  Which I do intend will be more Global!  This is where possibly that Designer Signature Course could come in, backed up by sharing my experiences and wisdom through these books – or it may simply be channeled into undertaking a Retreat (and I’m even open to going back to Bali, as Vision Villa is a fabulous Retreat Centre)!  😊

So there you have the Changes my friends!  I went to Bali seeking guidance on going global – and the Universe provided a much more effective way than I had ever imagined! I just didn’t understand the importance of the timing and more effective preparation required!

And the BIGGEST ‘ah hah’ moment in all of this?  That WHATEVER happens in my life, I need the wisdom and resilience to ACCEPT what is, rather than throwing all my energy into resisting and trying to change something which can NOT be achieved… and then waiting in that uncomfortable place of not knowing/not controlling for the Universe to reveal how the ‘Love at the Heart of the Universe’ has my back after all!

Beverley Rilatt-Richardson
19 Dec 2019

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