A 6 week Feminine Intensive to prepare you for love



My 6 week feminine intensive will give you clarity, insight and the confidence to open to love.  But how?

  • reconnects you to your feminine core – your heart, emotions and sensual, erotic body
  • assists you to reflect on your past, so dealing effectively with past hurts or abuse, in order for you to move on to a more delicious relationship
  • focuses you on receiving more into your life – more influence, leisure and intimate pleasure
  • helps you to understand the importance of dynamic sexual polarity, and how to ‘move into your feminine’
  • provides you with insight on your use of masculine energies, and the role of the masculine in your life
  • gives you tips and practices on feminine and masculine needs, and more effective communication
  • involves embodiment practices that will help you to transform your bedroom into a boudoir!


WHO is this for? Women in mid-life or above who may be single, divorced or partnered already.

As women in this economic world, we are required to use a great deal of ‘masculine energy’ in the course of our everyday lives. Our hearts do yearn, however, for loving support from a partner who understands and loves us, no matter what, and has our back for what we do.

We also need to understand and accept the masculine role in our lives, their communication style and their sexuality. And we need to understand our own communication style, and the erotic sensuality of our feminine hearts and bodies.

Sessions will provide Power Point information, Discussion and a Feminine Embodiment Practice

Module 1: Why do we need to reconnect with ourselves?

  • Overview of women in the 21st Century
  • What is your ‘Feminine Core’?
  • Why have we dissociated from this, as women, so we need to ‘reconnect’?

Module 2: What is our Sensual Core?

  • Female psychology and physiology
  • Reflecting on Female core values
  • Understanding our sensual bodies and why this is important in relationship?

Module 3: Polarity – Masculine and Feminine Energies

  • How did we develop these at our core?
  • Understanding the characteristic behaviours of both masculine/feminine energies
  • How do we decide which we need to use in any given situation? How to wind down

Module 4: Strictly Feminine

  • Understand your emotions/ memories and hurts
  • And how you can close down – and why
  • And how to open up again – being vulnerable, how to trust, and the power of forgiveness

Module 5: Sizzling and Sensual

  • Be authentic, vulnerable & know what you feel comfortable with, based on experience
  • The time factor – Slow & leisurely sex/ you can say no, or not yet ready
  • Research on women’s sexual pleasure – findings – plus intimate tools
  • Relevant books which can introduce Tantric practices

Module 6: Engaging the Masculine

  • “Manspeak”/ how to approach/
  • How to encourage the masculine to step up into decision making, support & leadership
  • Understanding the power of purpose for the masculine
  • QandA?

DATES: Tuesday 18 June – Tuesday 23 July at 8pm


  • $197 – Participant price. 
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