Longing for a SOULMATE? Join our FREE Masterclass – we’ll cover:

  • Ways to bring out and embody your own masculine or feminine essence
  • What do men seek out and desire in a woman (and it’s not just the ‘S’ word!)?
  • What do women look for and desire in a quality man?
  • Why do opposites attract, when we want to be friends with our soulmate?!
  • What ignites that spark?
    How can we turn that spark into a flame that will warm and inspire us but not destroy us?
  • How can we learn each other’s ‘language’?
  • How can you feel more at ease in your own masculine or feminine body?
  • Why is Sexual Polarity so potent, powerful and passionate?

Participants will also be invited to submit questions prior to the Masterclass!

Date: Fri 1 March at 2pm PST/ 5pm EST/10pm BST/ Sat 2nd 8am AEST/ 9am AEDT

NB: The Masterclass will run over a 90 minute period.

Presenter: Beverley RilattRichardson, Accd Hum Rels (Lond,UK), Female Spiritual Devt, AFP Teacher

Beverley’s experience/ story may be viewed on SBS on Demand/ Insight/ Dating after 60

M: +61 403 336 104

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2047265775380925/

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