How to seek out and attract your Soulmate.


Midlife can be a time of exploration and renewal from the past for both men and women. You can date and have fulfilling relationships emotionally and intimately at any age!



Bridging the Emotional Chasm between Couples:


Are you a mature age man, ready to:

  • seek out a quality woman – one who respects you, and you’re not prepared to settle for less than the best?
  • A woman to share your life with, to enjoy intimacy, holidays or adventure?
  • Because you want to move away from the type of relationship which in the past drained your emotions or resources, and you don’t know just how to start over?
  • You would love to learn “Womanspeak” and know how to deal with her emotions?
  • You’d love a partner open to receiving your loving attention and eager for intimacy?



Are you a mature age woman who is:

  • Ready to attract that quality, masculine man who cherishes and adores you and you are not prepared to settle for less than the best?
  • A man to share your life with, to enjoy intimacy, holidays and adventure?
  • Because you want to move away from the type of toxic relationship which controlled you, but you don’t know how to stop repeating this pattern?
  • Hove closed up because of heart hurt or abuse?
  • Would love to understand “Manspeak”and how to communicate effectively to have your intimacy needs met through his loving attention?


  • Are you a mature couple who are struggling with intimacy?
  • Are you able to communicate this, or has it become ‘the elephant in the room’?
  • Do you have ‘desire discrepancy’ different libido rates?
  • Are you aware of ways this can be addressed?



Are you a Man in mid-life who:

  • Is ready to seek out and find a quality woman – someone with common interests and passions you are attracted to?
  • Wants to find that partner to share your life with, to enjoy intimacy, holidays or adventure because of the mutual respect and understanding you share?
  • Because you may have been burned by a relationship which drained your emotions or resources, and you don’t know just how to start over?
  • Or because you don’t quite understand what women are thinking or feeling, because sometimes they won’t share? And would love to learn ‘Womanspeak’?
  • You may even be fed-up with ‘one night stands’, because they don’t lead anywhere?
  • Or have made the decision you want to do whatever it takes to NOT settle for less than  the best?

or as a woman in mid-life are you?:

  • Ready to attract a respectful and caring man – someone with common interests you are attracted to and feel comfortable with?
  • Wanting to attract that Soulmate to share your life with to enjoy intimacy,  holidays and adventure?
  • A woman who has been affected by a toxic relationship in the past and is  concerned NOT to repeat this, but doesn’t quite know how to start over?
  • Puzzled about what men are thinking or feeling – because often they won’t share? And would love to understand ‘Manspeak’?! 
  • Fed-up with feeling you need to ‘interview’ so many men to discern what their real intentions are, so you aren’t sucked into one-night stands?
  • Have decided NEVER to ‘just settle’ again? This time you want to attract ‘the best’ – that quality man who can love you for who you are, and have your back for what you do?

Would you like to:

  • Feel the “buzz” of attraction with a new partner
  • Feel valued as a smart, together, empowered man or  woman in your relationship
  • Enjoy a more powerful, intimate, loving relationship?
  • Show your partner the power of a sensual feminine woman in the bedroom?
  • Or be the masculine partner who can step up and take the lead in your intimate life together, and enjoy the most fulfilling intimacy possible?

Hi I’m Beverley and I help discerning men and women in mid-life to to seek out and attract their Soulmate – that quality man or woman they may have been yearning for, with whom to share their lives in loving intimacy.

I show you what an ideal, loving relationship CAN look like. I give you the peace of mind so you can stop blaming yourself that you may not have ‘done it right’! I help you come to terms with your past so you can find mid-life a time of exploration and renewal to attract that quality man or woman – one who won’t just use or abuse you, but be that Soulmate you may have yearned for to love and support you.

And just HOW is this achieved? I teach a powerful understanding of ‘Sexual Polarity’ (The Power of Passionate Polarity) to attract and keep that longed for partner. In simple terms, this means that men and women relate more easily, effectively and lovingly with each other when each feels at home in their own ‘essence’ as they relate to the opposite sex. This means men need to understand their own ‘Masculine Essence’ and women their ‘Feminine Essence’ – and how they can use this understanding to relate more meaningfully and powerfully with the other, especially in the whole area of flirtation, dating, love and intimacy!

So what does a sensuous feminine woman look like? She

  • Has an open heart
  • Feels connected to the needs of her body, which she accepts totally
  • Has resolved past relationship issues and cleared away the emotional baggage
  • Is having fun in her life on her terms
  • Knows, accepts and loves herself, ‘warts and all’
  • Chooses the relationship that’s right for her – with the balance of great emotional and physical relationship that works for her
  • Is more relaxed and laid back when in her feminine essence – she moves more gracefully and speaks more softly, and is aware of her own beautiful feminine radiance…
  • Is aware of and enjoys her sensual erotic body (our body’s needs don’t go away when we age), and is willing to learn to trust her partner to love her.
  • Understands the power of femininity and sensuality across her life and work.

And what does a masculine man in touch with his own essence look like?

  • He is aware of his masculine strength and power – the ‘Warrior Spirit’
  • And is careful to use this to protect and support those he loves and cares for – his family/ tribe/ the eco-system
  • He knows his purpose and loves her support as he works this.
  • He’s also aware that he is ‘in his head’ a lot as a thinking, rational being, but is willing to begin to look at his own feelings and the needs of his body.
  • He’s willing to consider he may have ‘emotional baggage’ from his past relationships, and is open to resolving these.
    He’s become sufficiently conscious to realise he needs to ‘step up’ into his relationship, to relax his partner and give her the space to become that radiant, beautiful woman who wants to enjoy their time in the bedroom.
  • Is aware of how he expresses love, and his ‘love language’
  • He’s willing to learn how to become a better lover, as she learns to trust him

I provide HOPE, light and love to help you feel special about yourself and all that you are, whether a man or woman…
You see this is my story. I’ve come from a very conservative background that constrained me. After being married for 31 years and widowed in my 60s I connected with my feminine and sensual self and found a level of self-love that has set me free. I accept myself ‘warts and all’ and now enjoy a very fulfilling relationship and life. You can read more here

I invite you to work with me so you can create the vitality, resilience and confidence capable of seeking out or magnetically attracting that quality man or woman into your life!

“Before meeting Beverley I knew inside myself that I truly wanted to connect to my inner feminine. Did I know how? No. Did I know what it even was? Not exactly, all I knew intuitively that it is important and there was event a sense of urgency to do so. Even after my first session with Beverley I knew I had found something amazing. There was a sense of relief and excitement at the possibility of learning even more and going even deeper into myself. How divine and delicious it has been. After only a few sessions with Beverley I have learned, experienced and grown into my FEMININE PRESENCE even more that it has enhanced my life, my relationships and my business. thank you Beverley. My last words are: “Girls, have the courage to take the journey you will be truly amazed!!!!!!!!!”
— Leeann Kime, Rockhampton

How To Work With Me

I work with men and women one-on-one and through Masterclasses and Online Courses, and will be hosting group events for those who have worked with me or undertaken training.

My Attractor Factor process for women will help you focus on reconnecting with yourself so you understand your own feminine essence, your values and what you can expect from a partner, how you can have a peaceful mind by facing and releasing the past, and how an open heart and sensually alive body can be achieved so you can turn your bedroom into a boudoir…

Hello, I’ve just completed Beverley’s 7 Step Attractor Factor Program and wanted to encourage you to do the program. This 7 week program had Beverley and I connecting online once a week for an hour for 7 weeks.

The reason I initially enrolled in the program was that the online dating scene really wasn’t doing it for me, and I really wasn’t meeting the type of man I was interested in getting to know. The men I had been dating were all totally nice men but I just didn’t feel we were a good match.

I decided to take a break from dating, and really dig deep into why I was attracting the wrong type of men for me. Of course it’s a 2 way street, so being the type of woman that men were attracted was just as important.

Beverley’s program was a real eye opener for me because along with some other programs that I had already completed, the BIG realisation was that like most other women, I hadn’t realised just how different men were to women. Like truly DIFFERENT and that was ok. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Beverley’s program consolidated my previous learnings around what is feminine energy vs masculine energy. Polarity was my BIGGEST lightbulb moment and is probably the one thing that has opened up my eyes and my heart to welcoming the kind of man I am looking for. And that is……. When I am in my masculine energy all the time, it follows that I will inadvertently attract a man that is more tilted towards his feminine energy, BUT if I consistently stay grounded in my feminine energy, then my masculine energy man will be able to find me.

There’s lots more that I could  say here about the program, but that would spoil the fun of your learnings with Beverley.

If you are looking on how best to prepare yourself for dating, then Beverley’s 7 Step Attractor Factor Program is a great start. It won’t conjure up a man on the spot but It will certainly raise your vibration to attract the right man for you.

–RR, Brisbane

How To Work With Me (Cont.)

My Man Up Process for men will help you to focus on understanding the feminine, and what women want from you? To understand your own masculine essence, and what you can expect from her? The concept of Polarity will help you to choose the energies which help you to step up as her rock and support, and how you can learn to be a better lover in the bedroom.

To discover more, book your initial 60 min ‘Break Thru’ Clarity Session, where we will chat to find out where you may be ‘stuck’ and work out the way to move forward that best suits you.

The investment is $47, however if you do decide to continue training with me, this will be deducted from the cost. 

Let’s make this happen! Simply call me on 0403336104 – or book your session online here

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