Work with me 1 on 1 to reconnect with your feminine sensual self.

  • Calling upon the practices of feminine embodiment I take you through specific steps which will help to draw out your authentic self, warts and all!
  • You will discover your resilience and strengths, and learn the magnetic quality of the feminine to attract what you need to you
  • This will enable you to develop peace of mind, confidence in yourself and to live the life you truly dream of.

We start out with a 90 minute one-on-one session and can then move to a 7 week program to complete the Feminine Mentoring process.


  • $150 for the initial one-on-one session
  • $840 for the 7 week Feminine Mentoring & Lifestyle program, or pay $135 per session.

Initial One-On-One Consultation


This process empowers women over 50 to re-enter the dating scene confidently. Using my 7-step Attractor Factor Process you will …

  • Be enabled to gain the clarity you need to reconnect with your past, to ensure there is nothing which may still be troubling you, or stopping love from reaching you
  • And you will gain the insight to know the values of the type of man you wish to attract
  • This will include clarity around any ‘game changers’ which may prevent you from moving forward, including knowing your own boundaries of what is acceptable
  • And you will gain the insight and tools to accept your beautiful, sensuous body and how to how to receive pleasure



If you are intrigued as to how you can be led intuitively to your truth regarding yourself, and your relationships, then a ‘Sensual Seed’ Intuitive Insight and Oracle Card Reading Session is the perfect tool!

  • You choose the cards that draw you, and then we connect with each other to work through what these particular cards may mean to you, and why you believe you chose these intuitively?
  • This can bring unconscious clarity into your situation, providing the confidence to move forward with your life!
  • This session can be face to face in a coffee shop or your own personal ‘zoom room’

$100 for a 60 minute session 


Does your year seem to move even more quickly as the months go by, so you can be feeling like the proverbial ‘headless chook’ running around trying so hard to make things happen for you? Been there, done that! What I have developed and host are a series of beautiful ‘Inner Goddess’ Retreat Days to slow you down and provide the intuitive insight, guided meditations and embodiment practices of the Art of Feminine Presence to help you to understand the power and sensuality of your beautiful feminine heart and body!

  • Participants find their lives start to change, even transform, as they actually get to experience the positive effects of reconnecting with themselves and their powerful inner feminine essence and energy
  • And discover a new appreciation of the power of the sensual, and the power of forgiveness if this is required.

Contact me for details of the next retreat day