– Sandra Inman, Brisbane

Before meeting Beverley I knew inside myself that I truly wanted to connect to my inner feminine. Did I know how? No. Did I know what it even was? Not exactly, all I knew intuitively that it is important and there was event a sense of urgency to do so. Even after my first session with Beverley I knew I had found something amazing. There was a sense of relief and excitement at the possibility of learning even more and going even deeper into myself. How divine and delicious it has been. After only a few sessions with Beverley I have learned, experienced and grown into my FEMININE PRESENCE even more that it has enhanced my life, my relationships and my business. thank you Beverley. My last words are: “Girls, have the courage to take the journey you will be truly amazed!!!!!!!!!

— Leeann Kime, Rockhampton

Robyn Ressom

As a psychotherapist I have often experienced the beauty and surprise that can occur when working with a client – where formerly unrecognised insights pave new ways into understanding the psyche. My recent session with Beverley enabled a formerly unidentified way of proceeding with a personal problem to become very clear. Beverley’s wide range of experience in the world, her intrepid nature and her inherent wisdom, serve her well as a respectful and intuitive conduit into the lives of women of all ages and backgrounds

— Robyn Ressom, Redcliffe

Thank you Beverly for a life changing experience. Your sensual dance class made me feel more free and I am taking great delight in passing that knowledge onto other women. You really are a truly inspiring lady and I look forward to my next meeting with you.

— Kerry Jazowy, Caboolture

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