Are you a woman in midlife who’s feeling the need to explore & discover more?  You may be recovering from the ‘heart hurt’ of divorce or from a serious illness, and want to take a long, fresh look at your life to open yourself to more?

You may be feeling that need to do something different – you may even have become passionate about some particular purpose in your life you’d love to explore?

Or you may have been travelling solo for a while, but rather like the idea of opening yourself to love again – but are scared of making the same mistakes as before, or afraid to love again? 

But you definitely want more fun – a life which is more relaxed, with time for yourself to begin to feel more feminine and fabulous once again – oh yes, and sexy!

Let me introduce myself:

Beverley Rilatt-Richardson, Accd Hum.Rels (Lond,UK), Accd Teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence. That’s the formal stuff out of the way!  At heart I’m a 70 something widow, who opened herself up to Life – and discovered a surprisingly beautiful reconnection with my inner feminine and sensual self!

What I can Offer You

Something unique – access to what may have been a previously unrealised part of yourself – your softness, sensuality, radiance, caring and nurturing firstly for yourself, plus a beautiful sense of spaciousness, relaxation and confidence.  In reconnecting with your own feminine persona, you can achieve more with less stress by attracting the people and opportunities you need!

You will be left feeling uplifted, inspired, beautiful, radiant, sensual and feminine – and infinitely more aware of your own confidence and magnetic, attractive feminine energy – what more could a girl want?! But why is this so important?  Because of:


This is the ‘emotional bridge´ that links couples who may have been feeling distant or disconnected.  Are you avoiding intimacy by going to bed at different times?  You may be consciously aware of this, or you may even be subconsciously unaware, but you realise the previous passion seems to have disappeared.

Yes, men and women are different – she feels with her heart, emotions and intuition;  he thinks with his mind and his logic.  Just how can they fall in love – and stay there?

Through the Power of Passionate Polarity – the contrast between masculine essence and feminine presence in intimacy – and each being fully in their ‘essence’, communicating lovingly, sensitively and passionately for more delicious relationships!    


These Circles are being opened up on the Redcliffe Peninsula in late October to assist women to reconnect with their beautiful inner feminine and sensual self.  They will be held at the Inner Healing and Wellness Centre at Clontarf.  Please see the details under ‘Events’.  YOU are the most important person in your own life, lovely!  Let us help you to explore this and provide you with the strategies and confidence to open up your life!