Hi – Beverley here, and I help men and women like you to understand the Power of Passionate Polarity.  What does this actually mean?  

Consider previous relationships you’ve had. You needed common values and mutual interests to help to make them work – right?  But sometimes that didn’t seem enough, and you ‘drifted apart’?  You may have disagreed on fundamentals, or you may have simply ended up ‘just good friends’ – because the passion disappeared? 

This is where polarity comes in.  Polarity is simply the concept for the contrasts of life – the up/down; the positive/negative; the masculine/feminine; the good/bad.   With electricity there are positive and negative poles which form the current – right?  And as humans we have electromagnetic energy coursing through our cells.  

As a result, relationships need common values and interests to work – but they need contrast (polarity) for passion to thrive!  This means that without that contrast, the spark of sexual passion will not be present or able to thrive.  We need to be able to connect with our inner feminine, sensual energy to flirt and have fun with the masculine, who is powerfully attracted to a woman ‘in her feminine’ with a sensually alive body!  You do NOT need to look like a million bucks – although feeling confident in your feminine persona will help you to feel that inner confidence.  What you do need is to be connected to your inner feminine radiance with a peaceful mind, a sensually alive body, a heart which is open to love, and a man who understands this and can turn you on!  This is why feminine energy is magnetic and irresistible to the masculine! 

In turn what woman doesn’t melt when she meets a man who is confident in his own ‘masculine presence’?  He knows who he is, has purpose and direction in his life, but wants to love and support a sexy woman with whom he can have fun!

Is life like this?  Not always!  You can however develop a stronger feminine presence which can attract a more masculine man.

But what if the men you’ve attracted in the past seem more ‘weak’ or even more ‘feminine’?  Instead of blaming, once we understand how polarity works, we women have begun to realise that we can help this situation by increasing our own feminine radiance and presence!  The more we are in our feminine, the more masculine type of man we will attract!  And the more ‘masculine’ we are in our persona, the more ‘feminine’ or weaker type of man will be attracted to us and our strength!

For the guys

I have developed a 4 step process called ‘ Man Up’:

  • to enable you to understand ‘Womenspeak’ and what women want from men
  • to help you to deal with their emotions
  • how to be responded to positively when you initiate contact
  • how to stand tall in your own ‘masculine presence’ (which women find irresistible)

For the Women:

I have also developed a 7 step process called ‘Your Attractor Factor’ to enable a woman to understand her own past so she can move on, reconnect with her own sensual body in the present, and assess her values and the type of man she can now focus on attracting for her future.  I simply LOVE showing women that age is no barrier to happiness! 

About ME:

My work in this area started in 2010 when I was widowed after a 30-year marriage. After surrendering to my grief journey, I emerged in 2011, ready to ‘find something that would bring me joy and make a positive difference in the world’.

This resulted in a surprising, completely out of the blue sensual awakening of my heart and body from my conservative religious upbringing, and propelled me to undertake training so I could work with women seeking more love and fulfilment in their own lives.  For the past 7 years I have been teaching the embodiment practices of the Art of Feminine Presence to women in Brisbane and on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.  

At age 72 I began dating again.  At 73 I enjoyed a beautiful Boudoir Photography Session, and was featured in the ‘Life Begins At’ Magazine for the over 50’s (Aug 2018).

When I was 73 I allowed myself to ‘fall in lust’ for the first time in my life, resulting in being asked to be on the panel of the SBS Insight Program on Dating after 60 with my current romantic partner at the time, 18 yrs my junior (this can be viewed on SBS on Demand).

As a result I began to realise that men also need to understand women more. This would then help them to become the type of man she’s searching for so he can not only fit into her life, but bring his sense of purpose and initiative, and step up to meet her in her feminine power.

Other Interesting Facts About Me

Prior to my current work with women I was a youth and welfare worker, an executive assistant with both the private sector and at QUT, and founder of a non-profit organisation The Eagle St John Foundation, which supported care workers.  In 1988 I and my late husband received the Advance Australia Foundation Award for outstanding Community Service for our non-profit.

In other fun facts I was also the oldest contestant in the first Reality TV show in Australia on Channel 7 in 2001, called ‘The Mole’!

I now enjoy walking on my local beach, reading, writing, pottering in the garden, having coffee with girlfriends, playing my piano, challenging myself – and becoming a Speaker!