THE FEMININE FOCUS: What Difference does the Feminine Make

THE FEMININE FOCUS: What Difference does the Feminine Make

A great question!  As your life unfolds this year, have you yet planned out your vision board of your goals and dreams, or plans for your business?  Will you be changing jobs/ starting a business/ going back to Uni/ getting healthy/ getting married/ buying a home/ starting a family/ separating/ travelling around Aust/ learning a new hobby?

Or is it more survival my friends?  Getting by on a Govt payout/ living off your super/ looking for that well paid position/ getting that degree/ caring for an ageing relative?

Whatever your plans are for 2021, what difference can embracing the feminine make?

For many – this is zero – if you  think this means getting a better make of high heels, or a fancier hairstyle!  So what exactly is the feminine, and what difference can embracing this more feminine side of your nature make?

We all know men and women, male and female, and the derivative of masculine and feminine. But what exactly is the difference?  I can’t speak for the male – although I’m learning more as life develops! 😊 However I can speak for the female of the species because I am her, I have lived a number of years on this planet, I have studied the feminine, and have had the privilege of teaching many women about the power of the feminine!

It was a revelation to me to discover – only 10 years ago – that although I identified as a woman (because I’d been through menopause and had the body of a woman – and looked and sounded like a woman), that I also had a more feminine and sensual side to my nature.  And when that feminine and sensual woman within saw her opportunity to reveal herself to me (at a Heart Intelligence Retreat in the UK), she exploded into my life and gave me so much joy and a new spirit of life after I’d become widowed that my life was transformed!

So what am I on about?  We’re born with a natural inner ‘feminine essence and energy’ as babies – however our upbringing may have taught us to become tomboys, or not to allow ourselves to feel like that pretty little girl who was daddy’s princess.  We may have been horribly abused or neglected, and learned to distrust the masculine of the species.  On the other hand, we may have learned that the only way forward was to ‘prostitute’ our sex, either physically or metaphorically.  And many of us learned that it wasn’t safe to feel or experiment with our own sexuality or sensuality…. so we grew up as best we could, fell in and out of love, had children and often ended up on our own as both mum and dad to our kids.  This has meant that many of us have become very ‘masculinised’ in our society – which after all, pays more money to men – no wonder we need equality.

However the other revelation was to realise that equality does not necessarily mean equal roles in society.  Equal opportunities/ equal pay/ equality in the workplace are absolutely vital for women – however in the struggle we can be left feeling alone/ depleted/ even burned out as we continue to push, push, push to get everything done in our lives – no wonder we often long for that mate to love and support us!

But we all also know that happily ever after happens mostly in story books!  So how can understanding and embracing our inner feminine help?  Perhaps to be able to see her in action can assist greatly:  Do you recognize these traits in yourself?  The feminine is:

soft/  attractive/  receptive/  she feels/ is intuitive/ nurtures/ life flows more/ she is creative/ spontaneous/ collaborative/ trusting/ and surrendered.

She waits sometimes for life to come to her – the feminine has a natural magnetic quality which can draw opportunities and people to her, as she learns to accept. 

Her sense of worthiness increases as life flows more to her as she takes these opportunities. She is less stressed about ‘having to do it all’. Her mantra ceases to be ‘if it’s to be it’s up to me’ and as a result, she achieves more with less, because she allows others to help (without feeling dependent).

The feminine is indeed powerful!

If you would like to know how to tap into this more natural side of you, there will be ample opportunities this year.  You can check these out at: