Beverley is an engaging, entertaining and motivational speaker on the power of women to ‘Start Over’ in mid life.  She has witnessed women reinventing themselves and transforming their lives:

  • Following a messy divorce, serious illness, stressful family challenges, or losing the love of their life
  • To positively impact and influence others when repurposing their lives
  • In relaunching themselves to attract the quality partner they deserve
  • By regaining self-respect, self-motivation and self-love 

She has a wealth of stories – including her own experiences – of discovering the ‘feminine and sensual’ persona within her heart and body that has transformed her life, and which she shares with other women through ‘Divine Feminine’ Circles, Workshops and Webinars. 

She can help women to discover the ‘feminine oasis’ of self love, self care, joy, peace, sensuality, magnetic feminine energy and more delicious relationships in the ‘masculine desert’ of motivation, stress, craziness, burnout and push, push push in which we need to live and work in this world. 


You can contact Beverley on M: 0403336104 to discuss dates, and fill out the form below to provide her with the name of your company or organization, any particular topic you may have in mind, the time frame she will have, and the context in which she will be speaking.  Thankyou!