My friend Karen and I just had the High Tea sensual seed oracle card session with Beverley overlooking the water at Clontarf . The morning tea at the Cafe was amazing and the card reading was so spot on for each of us ! Very revealing and healing !

Beverley has such a lovely warm nature and guides you through the process and even if something sad comes to light, she brings it home for you and works through it with such ease and grace!

A thoroughly beautiful time in a lovely setting with incredible helpful healing insights ! Thx Beverley and Tanya at the tea rooms !

— Sharon Chemello

Kellyanne Wright testimonial

I have done several courses with Beverley. The Feninine Guru is enlightening and empowering with skills and aha moments that aid in the development of understanding yourself better. For me it was remembering a long forgotten part of me and reconnecting to what feels good. If anything at the very least you are giving yourself a time out and opportunity to put yourself first which a woman needs. Meet lovely genuine women and re-meet the lovely genuine woman in you. 

— Kellyanne Wright

Hello, I’ve just completed Beverley’s 7 Step Attractor Factor Program and wanted to encourage you to do the program. This 7 week program had Beverley and I connecting online once a week for an hour for 7 weeks.

The reason I initially enrolled in the program was that the online dating scene really wasn’t doing it for me, and I really wasn’t meeting the type of man I was interested in getting to know. The men I had been dating were all totally nice men but I just didn’t feel we were a good match.

I decided to take a break from dating, and really dig deep into why I was attracting the wrong type of men for me. Of course it’s a 2 way street, so being the type of woman that men were attracted was just as important.

Beverley’s program was a real eye opener for me because along with some other programs that I had already completed, the BIG realisation was that like most other women, I hadn’t realised just how different men were to women. Like truly DIFFERENT and that was ok. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Beverley’s program consolidated my previous learnings around what is feminine energy vs masculine energy. Polarity was my BIGGEST lightbulb moment and is probably the one thing that has opened up my eyes and my heart to welcoming the kind of man I am looking for. And that is……. When I am in my masculine energy all the time, it follows that I will inadvertently attract a man that is more tilted towards his feminine energy, BUT if I consistently stay grounded in my feminine energy, then my masculine energy man will be able to find me.

There’s lots more that I could  say here about the program, but that would spoil the fun of your learnings with Beverley.

If you are looking on how best to prepare yourself for dating, then Beverley’s 7 Step Attractor Factor Program is a great start. It won’t conjure up a man on the spot but It will certainly raise your vibration to attract the right man for you.

— RR, Brisbane

– Sandra Inman, Brisbane

Before meeting Beverley I knew inside myself that I truly wanted to connect to my inner feminine. Did I know how? No. Did I know what it even was? Not exactly, all I knew intuitively that it is important and there was event a sense of urgency to do so. Even after my first session with Beverley I knew I had found something amazing. There was a sense of relief and excitement at the possibility of learning even more and going even deeper into myself. How divine and delicious it has been. After only a few sessions with Beverley I have learned, experienced and grown into my FEMININE PRESENCE even more that it has enhanced my life, my relationships and my business. thank you Beverley. My last words are: “Girls, have the courage to take the journey you will be truly amazed!!!!!!!!!

— Leeann Kime, Rockhampton

Robyn Ressom

As a psychotherapist I have often experienced the beauty and surprise that can occur when working with a client – where formerly unrecognised insights pave new ways into understanding the psyche. My recent session with Beverley enabled a formerly unidentified way of proceeding with a personal problem to become very clear. Beverley’s wide range of experience in the world, her intrepid nature and her inherent wisdom, serve her well as a respectful and intuitive conduit into the lives of women of all ages and backgrounds

— Robyn Ressom, Redcliffe

Thank you Beverly for a life changing experience. Your sensual dance class made me feel more free and I am taking great delight in passing that knowledge onto other women. You really are a truly inspiring lady and I look forward to my next meeting with you.

— Kerry Jazowy, Caboolture