In this new year of 2022, everything still seems somewhat new, right? We’re not even into February yet!

So what has my work as the Feminine Guru got to do with the ongoing newness of this new year, which is still yet to unfold?

I pondered this my friends, as I thought about what to write? Are there new trends for example in my industry?  New ways of being ‘feminine’?  In answer I can only say I’m sure there are – as we are all individuals with our own personal ways of expressing ourselves!  As an example I may consider certain colours as being more feminine – but they may do absolutely NOTHING for you!

OK – is there a way therefore of going deeper than this?  Let’s put the play button on pause for a moment and ask: what is the feminine about anyway?  Good place to start?  I used to think it meant wearing pink and being able to wear dangly earrings! LOL That’s if I ever thought about it at all, quite frankly.  The way I expressed myself even 12 years ago was ‘oh yes, and apart from my skills and interests, I happen to be a woman’, as though this were an afterthought!  In fact I can joke now that I honestly thought ‘Feminine Essence’ was a new brand of perfume I hadn’t heard of yet!

So what insights have I discovered that have had a profound impact not only on me but on many other women?  Quite literally that everything old is new again, when we discover for ourselves that this feminine connection is very real in the now! In other words, these may be concepts that were known by women thousands of years ago (which in times past were sometimes referred to as feminine wiles) – or more derogatory comments like ‘she devil’.  Witness what happened to women who like many of us today loved herbs and found their healing properties?  Women like us were burned at the stake in certain cultures through sheer ignorance!

Thank God we’ve become more enlightened and moved on from this!  In fact in many ways discovery of our inner feminine leads to enlightenment, literally.  A sense of worth as a woman who is connected to her heart and spirit/ to Mother Earth/ to the sensuality of her body/ and the enlightenment of her mind!  A far cry from pink and dangly earrings!

OK what does this mean for us now, in Jan 2022?  Last year I rediscovered the power of the embodiment practices I learned to teach way back in 2011, after being ‘captivated’ myself by the feminine and sensual woman within me who had been suppressed for 50 years– who came out in no uncertain terms at a Heart Intelligence Experiential Retreat in the UK when I felt compelled by some unknown force within me to dance sensually in front of a group of men at the retreat, with the women giving me moral support!  Yes, I was shocked too, but it also felt so right at the time – and this widow discovered she could still become that feminine, sensual even erotic woman at age 67 – that she hadn’t missed out and it was never too late!

OK – back to last year when a group of the women from my Divine Feminine Empowerment Circle took up my offer to teach them how to reconnect to the feminine woman within them, and just why?  And without exception each of them had breakthroughs in one way or the other about how they saw themselves, what they were capable of, how they could even tap more deeply into their emotional core…. and gave me a renewed respect for the power of this work.

As a result this year I am in the process of developing an online course which will sit on my website and will enable women in midlife, if they feel called, to learn how to become more Confident, Feminine and Sexier, to feel more self esteem and self respect, and develop more delicious relationships!  It truly can be said ‘as within, so without’… in other words, if a woman starts feeling more of that inner feminine and sensual self in her heart and body, she will start to show this in her outer life and world….

In addition, I want to conduct a course about reconnecting with our inner feminine hearts and bodies that this time will be online, over a 6 week period. I recognize that this is such a short time for such a profound outcome, however it will be a great start!  And for those who want to continue in a more personal way, I will be once again undertaking feminine mentoring sessions over zoom…

When it comes to the Feminine – our feminine as well as our masculine energies – everything old (since the beginning of time) becomes new again when we reconnect with that beautiful woman within.

The Feminine is Timeless…

Praise for the Feminine!