We’re probably all familiar with the 5 Love Languages?  Do you know yours?  Do you love doing little things for others (esp as a mum)?  Or giving your loved ones little surprises?  One of the delights of life, is it not?

Do you live with a partner or friends who’s love language is giving gifts? What about acts of service?  Many men fall into this category!  But for them to feel like the gift or service has been accepted with grace – you have to accept or receive this!


Today is World Compliment Day!  So look out for those compliments, lovelies!  Is that laughter ‘I hear?! 😊  Yes – I really do understand because many women find the idea of others giving them compliments almost distasteful – but why?  Is it something to do with our fear of being consider ‘up ourselves’, or being a ‘tall poppy’?  Do we feel it’s feeding our ego?  That begs the question – did your parents praise you?  My mum did a great deal – for which I’m forever grateful but dad?  His highest form of praise was ‘there’s nothin’ wrong with that’!  However I can also remember being told not to be a ‘showoff’ if mum found me preening myself in the mirror, even as a child!

You see, many women feel ambivalent about being in the spotlight – we crave attention deep down, but when it’s given and we feel eyes upon us, we can get embarrassed or uncomfortable about that attention!  Yes, we are complex at times, my friends! But back to compliments – do you deflect this because you feel it’s not deserved?  Oh this top? OMG I just got it at the op shop darling!  Or do you find yourself madly trying to think of something you can say back to that person to compliment them in some way for what they’ve given you in exchange – and find yourself floundering?

Here’s a quick tip!  Next time someone says something nice to you about your work, your appearance etc – simply smile, put your hand on your heart and say ‘thanks – that’s a nice thing to say – or that makes me feel special’! That works a treat for me every time, but naturally you may have to put your own take on this – but basically it’s to simply thank someone for the ‘gift’ they’ve given so they feel it has been received…..

And this brings up a vitally IMPORTANT thing I learned around 40 years ago – it’s a kind of truism, but in actual fact is VERY REAL – YOU HAVE WHAT YOU ACCEPT!  A friend could be offering you something – from a compliment to a gift to a great offer – but it is NOT yours until you accept it!  You actually have to receive this into your hands, your heart, your life and make it yours, or it just stays with that person.

So what’s this got to do with the first day of the month?  As this is about World Compliment Day I thought it would be fun to focus on ACCEPTANCE and GRATITUDE for what we can truly accept into our lives! So is there something you feel you’d like to accept this month?  Something coming up for you that you hope will ‘land’?  Or are you simply deciding to stay open to what Life may offer you this month?  I find myself in both camps – I am thanking the Universe for a project coming successfully to completion before it actually happens/ and I want to remain open for other unexpected ‘delights’ coming my way this month!

And to encourage us all lovelies – remember, the nature of feminine energy is to be magnetic! Yes, we still have to plan and put things into action – but then we can step into our feminine, once the work is completed, and release it – let it go, so the universe can do its magic and start attracting this into our lives!