Who loves the title of ‘action woman’?  To be known as the ‘Go for it Girl’? Others can find this so inspirational, because ‘nothing can stop us’ now!

To put this week’s blog in context – we have previously looked at the use of our feminine energy to tap into the power of our IMAGINATION in order to visualize what we want….

Last week we focused our masculine energy on the power of INTENTION in order to plan the success we envisioned….

This week we now focus on the power of ACTION to achieve what we planned.  One guess as to which of our energies we need to utilize to the ‘enth’ degree to achieve this?  Yes, our masculine energy – go to the top of the class, lovely!

This is where massive action can be required to light up and give momentum to what we had previously envisioned, planned, and are now wish to achieve!  We need to be:

  • Single focused to get the job done
  • Willing to post, push and promote
  • Decide whether to use paid ads
  • So focused we can allow other needs to drop away
  • Be totally outcome-driven
  • In a nutshell ‘ taking massive action’ until the job is done

Are you able to undertake all this?  YES! Yes, I can hear you almost screaming at me!  That is absolutely fabulous, darling!  However…..


This kind of massive action can usually only be undertaken for a certain length of time.  If it’s a more long-term goal, this will need to be balanced out with some feminine energy focus. And why?  Because to be so totally focused that everything else goes by the board (including attention to our relationship/s and all the usual self-care activities) can lead to BURNOUT, and/or the  BREAKUP of our most precious relationships, and/or the BREAKDOWN of our health.

In that case, we have to ask ourselves, Is success worth this price?  Am I willing to pay for this?  Or is there another way of achieving success that avoids these massive pitfalls?

This will be the focus of our next week’s blog in this series of the Power of Success for Women.

So go for it action woman!  But also be in gratitude that as women we can access both these energies in order to achieve the success we crave, but not at the expense of our health or our most intimate and loving relationships.