“What do you want to be when you grow up”? How often did we hear that question from adults?  How did you respond? Was your imagination so fertile you could see yourself doing a LOT of different things?

Has this ability manifested into your own VISION BOARD?  Or did you dismiss this some time ago as being ineffective, as nothing much seemed to emerge? Yes, I’ve been there and done that, lovelies!

Or are you now champing at the bit, inspired by Wonder Woman and your ability to be able to make a difference in this world – including being an outstanding success?  And that’s because you are so passionate about your cause/ your products/ your team?  Then Congrats lovely!

However in thinking about SUCCESS for this series, I’ve begun to realise that there are 4 different elements, ALL of which are ESSENTIAL, but only if we understand the correlation between them all….

  • Vision
  • Intention
  • Action
  • Reception

and surprise, surprise!  These are covered by the concept of both MASCULINE and FEMININE Energies!


MASCULINE ENERGY – which we all have – is the ability to:

  • Think, plan, be logical
  • Be Directive
  • Set Goals, Priorities, and Structure
  • Work on your own
  • Be single-focused to get the job done
  • Push, promote, advertise
  • Be action-focused, and outcome-driven

If you are a sole trader, you KNOW you need to do these things.  If you are a single mum with kids and a job, you KNOW you need to plan your life – right?  I can hear you now – spot on, sister!

In contrast, as women, we also have FEMININE ENERGY, which is the ability to:

  • Visualise what we want
  • Magnetically attract what we desire
  • Feel, intuit and believe
  • Be creative
  • Be in flow
  • Collaborate
  • Have a grateful & patient heart
  • Trust and Surrender
  • Be able to Self Care

And we KNOW if we are a sole trader or a single mum, we need to exercise these as well – right?

So how do we put all this together?

We VISUALISE what we really want (NOT just what we think we can realistically achieve) / then set a PLAN of INTENTION (Business Plan)/ we take massive ACTION when needs be/ but we also become aware of our ABILITY TO ATTRACT what we desire, as we collaborate and keep our desires firmly in mind, by following and acting on our Business Plan, but all the while being aware of our self-care needs!

For women, this is a PERFECT collaboration.  However, we need to be AWARE or conscious of which energies we are using!  And WHY?

  • Just using our masculine energies all the time could lead to BURNOUT and the BREAKUP of our most precious relationships
  • Just using feminine energies all the time can slow down, or even STOP our ability to achieve and succeed, and lead to CODEPENDENCE or OVERDEPENDENCE on others, so stifling our own abilities and experience.

So you can see how VITAL it is to understand the inter-relationship between all these almost ‘competing’ skills, mindset, and actions we need to take?  And then we can consciously CHOOSE which energy we want to use and focus on, and when we need to stop and switch?

I challenge you to look at your day in a different way – your to-do list, your committed activities on your calendar.  And slot in time for YOURSELF into this process!

And be in gratitude that, as women, we can access both these energies in order to achieve the SUCCESS we crave, but not at the expense of our health or relationships!