The next in this series, after looking at the power of imagination – seeing what we desire to manifest – comes this power of intention.  What do we mean by this?  Does Desire bring up a kind of wish list for you – what you yearn for – sometimes with all your being? That is spot on my friends because it’s only when our emotions are involved that we will find the way, or have the determination to succeed…

But what happens internally when you make a decision and INTEND for that desire to happen….and then add a plan for just HOW this is going to come about and succeed? Does that feel DIFFERENT? As they say ‘you’d better believe it!  Your desire has been ‘embodied’ – it now has wings to fly, because your conscious mind can work towards this – you know what you have to do! And you can rejoice at how your desires are being taken seriously – by you yourself!  As a result, you are putting this out clearly to the Universe what you want, and expect, because you are intending to achieve this – which of course is just so powerful!

OK – what energies now need to be brought into play when the power of intention is brought into the picture?

  • You will obviously need some kind of direction and focus on how to proceed?
  • Thinking and planning in a logical way on how to succeed would be great!
  • You will need to sort out your goals and priorities – what needs to come first, second?
  • This will then need some kind of structure – a mind map or business plan
  • You will need to ensure that your plan is outcome-driven
  • This will require specific steps or actions you need to take, and when?

And all these actions required are part of our masculine energies so that we can be much more single-focused, in order to achieve and succeed.

What I love about all this is that it takes me from a kind of unintended ‘victim’ mentality (I’m wanting this thing or person to come into my life with so much yearning that it only highlights that I haven’t got this as yet, so I can easily begin to feel helpless)!

It takes me from life happening ‘to me’ therefore, to the more positive step of life happening ‘by me’ as I engage the power of intention to know I can actually do something about this!

Once we have used our power of imagination to work out what we really want, instead of this simply being something we hope – sometimes against hope – that we will receive through the law of attraction – we can more confidently expect to receive this as we have become:

  • Crystal clear what we want – yes – but instead of just wishing for & crossing our fingers
  • We can intend for this to happen with our own plan of action, and start engaging that

Power of Intention….

So far therefore we have used both our feminine and our masculine energies to begin to manifest what we truly desire…. Are there any more steps? What do you believe?