You’ve had your VISION (feminine energy)

Set your INTENTION (masculine energy)

Taken massive ACTION (masculine energy)

Now, what’s next?

You ATTRACT and RECEIVE (feminine energy)

If you do not self-care after all that massive output of masculine energy, you quite literally run the risk of exhausting yourself, becoming sick, even burning out… or destroying your most precious relationships with intimate partners and family members.  You may have already, unfortunately, had an experience of this, lovely?  Be warned!  The economic world constantly pushes women to use their masculine energy to succeed and be rewarded – and we deserve this if we put the work in!  However – what price do we put on success?  As women we do not have the testosterone and drive of men, so have to regulate the amount of massive action and energy we put out there, or we will regrettably suffer…

So what is self-care for you?  Something as simple as a long hot bath with candles and a glass of wine?  (How delicious)!  Or is it more longer term for you, like a daily walk, weekly sessions at the gym, or a monthly massage?  Is it playing with your kids or your pets?  Is it going for a ‘feel good’ walk through the park or on the beach? Is it doing a bit more on your hobby of painting, or playing or listening to music?

Men, bless them, like focused activities – a game of golf, a long bike ride, time in their sheds alone, or fixing something for you, to get a sense of completeness that a task has been done successfully.  Whereas we women love the ‘journeying’ a little more – dancing like no one is watching/ singing around the house/ playing with the kids/ journaling/ writing that book/ coffee with a girlfriend/ smelling the roses etc…. you put in your favourite activity!

It is ESSENTIAL for women that we have this time to renew ourselves and our pleasure in life! Otherwise, we could find ourselves developing a chronic illness, or becoming not that interested in other pleasures and slowly spiralling down that rabbit hole of apathy or depression, lack of interest in intimacy and sex, etc.

So how can you ATTRACT and RECEIVE?

  1. Firstly you can GROUND yourself – stop, take several long, slow, deep breaths, put your feet on the ground, stand and go outside if possible to get in touch with the earth – walk on the grass or on the beach with bare feet to take up the ionic energy in the earth into your body (yes, the earth stores this from lightening).
  2. Secondly, you can SELF-CARE now you are grounded.
  3. Thirdly you can become aware that while you have done everything you can to succeed (which is ‘by me’ energy), you can now consciously RECEIVE from life (which is life wanting to give ‘through you’) – which is GRACE. Actions from others can be surprisingly unexpected but also helpful, caring, even loving.
  4. Please remember that receiving is actually ACCEPTING, but many women do not know how to do this – anything from accepting a compliment to accepting help when you are in strife. Many years ago a wise spiritual leader gave me a card that said ‘YOU HAVE WHAT YOU ACCEPT’ (it’s still up on my fridge door). His point was that you can be offered something, but it is only as you ACCEPT whatever it is that you own it and can use this.  Otherwise, what is the point of being able to magnetically attract what you need with your feminine energy?  You need to still ACCEPT this.  Yes, it’s subtle I know, but life is full of subtleties!

So for women with a small business to be Successful?

VISUALISE your desire (feminine energy)

INTEND and PLAN (masculine energy)

Take MASSIVE ACTION (masculine energy)

RECEIVE and ACCEPT (feminine energy)

This is the perfect collaboration with yourself, with others, and with Life itself!


Go for it, lovely!