Today we start a new series of monthly blogs, on this topic…

Despite learning how to visualise/ intend/ plan/ and receive – life just doesn’t seem to flow quite that neatly at times, does it?  Have you found, like me, a number of things that seem to stop you from succeeding?

  • ‘SAFE PROBLEMS’ you create
  • BAD HABITS you don’t know how to change

If you were in a room where participants were asked if they ever procrastinated, would your hand go up?!  I can almost guarantee it would be 100% of those present!  My dictionary says:

  • Delay or postpone action, put off doing something – with an illustration:

“The temptation will be to procrastinate until the power struggle plays itself out”

  • The conscious/unconscious motivation seems to be FEAR underlying the behaviour, whether or not you are aware of this? So what can you do as a start to overcome the ‘big P’ when you need to ‘get sh#t done’?
  1. Recognise when you are procrastinating?

– are you working on low-priority activities?

– does that coffee break call you almost immediately you decide to work on something?

– Are you waiting to feel ‘in the right mood’?

  1. Ask yourself WHY? Are you:

– overwhelmed?  Then prioritise

– Disorganised?  Identify the consequences of NOT starting

– A Perfectionist?  How perfect does this task really have to be?

  1. Then consciously REWARD yourself – promise to have that gourmet coffee when the task is completed!

This illustrated Quadrant might help to understand:

Easier said than done?  YES!  I have argued with myself over Quadrant IV – because I recognise that there are times I need ‘time out from the constant pressure to get it done!  In my case, I take that extra coffee break/ or go outside for a stroll around the garden/ or watch the news, etc!  This is because I have WRITTEN down break times into my schedule, so I don’t feel guilty about taking that time out, and simply do not have to eliminate all that could be considered in Quadrant IV!  What would work for you?

Taking the time to really LOOK more closely at your own habits for achieving the success you desire.  It is so worth the effort!  Look at your Vision Board again – feel into the delight of achievement!  Take that deep breath, plan, and DO!